To become the nº1 Booking platform of Eco Friendly Accommodations in the world.

Dear visitors! Welcome to 2withThePlanet! Want to know more about us? We are Patrícia and Inês, have been together for 11 years, and since the beginning we love traveling and sharing unique experiences!

We have always loved outdoor activities, but recently we have mixed that interest with the desire to protect our environment, and ended up discovering some amazing accommodations built in direct harmony

with nature, that are true gems! Our passion for these places, that use eco friendly but yet super elegant design and building materials, has been growing exponentially, and led us here!


We want to contribute and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future and healthier planet. Focusing on the travel sector, we aim to facilitate the booking process of eco friendly accommodations all over the world, so that travelers can reduce their environmental impact while fully enjoying their getaways.

Villa Epicurea Pool


We are happy to hear many people saying that our love story is an inspiration for them. That our couple’s partnership gives them hope on how passion and love can exist. The secret behind it? It’s quite simple actually. As a lesbian couple we had to face many obstacles right from the beginning of our relationship, and we had to fight hard against everyone and everything if we wanted to be together. So, that led us through a beautiful journey where we never took our love for granted. We always feel those butterflies in the belly every time we show a love gesture, because that used to be theoretically forbidden. We believe that is the secret for our love story’s success. And likewise, we don’t take our planet for granted. We cherish it and feel grateful for having the chance to be in it, every time we are contemplating the beautiful landscapes it presents to us. We want you to feel the same way about it, and that is why we created this project, which we believe will be extremely successful!


The name 2withThePlanet goes for “Two with the Planet” and “Too with the Planet”, exactly because we are two supporting the planet, and we want you to support it too!

Feel free to get in touch with us! Just send us a message or reach us out on our Facebook or Instagram!

Inês Marques

Inês is a fan of adventure, outdoor activities and sports! Holds a degree in Physiotherapy, and in parallel works in the Tourism sector. Lately has been discovering a passion for interior design, loves going to the beach, having fresh seafood with a nice white wine, and swimming with dolphins is her daydream!

Patrícia Cabral

Patrícia has always loved animals & nature, sports and music! Graduated in Sport Sciences and Business Administration, has been mostly dedicated to Project Management in the Tourism industry. Known as the “girl of a thousand passions“, Sustainability, van life and scuba diving are some of them!