Midnight Trains: a hotel on rails for a more comfortable and sustainable journey

Train Travel

This week we’ve been watching “Comboios do Mundo”, a documentary playing after the night news, and we thought about sharing with you a related topic: do you know there is a company that wants to revolutionize the world of traveling and make long-distance routes more sustainable?

It’s called Midnight Trains, it’s a French company, and it arrives in 2024 with overnight train journeys, that will connect major cities in Europe (such as Paris, Barcelona, ​​Porto, Milan, etc.) and allow the traveler not to waste any time on their vacations as they travel while sleeping.

In addition to a certain magical touch, this concept shows that traveling on rails can be 23 times less polluting than a trip by plane (between Paris and Rome), and emit 59.2 less tons of CO2 for each 300 passengers, and it is a great option for those who are afraid of flying.

Find out more here.

Happy travels!

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