As our mission is to help you book your next getaway on an eco friendly accommodation, we need to make sure all the accommodations we display on our platform are as much environmentally friendly as possible.

So, we have created a scale (called Eco Rating) that evaluates each site’ qualitative and quantitative performance in the 5 areas we detail below, based on the criteria used by the Green Key program which were approved by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Each accommodation fills in our Eco Rating Evaluation Survey, and needs to have a minimum score of 60%, so we make sure it has the minimal requirements to be considered an eco friendly accommodation. We display this score on each accommodation next to the green leaf icon.

Solar Energy


Is the energy coming from renewable and green sources, and is it being used for all systems (e.g. lighting, machinery) or just partially? Do the buildings have natural light? Are there light timers? Is the machinery efficient according to the Energetic Label System?



Does the water come from a well, or is there a rainwater capture system? Is the water treated with chemicals or filtered by natural methods (such as osmosis or by adding algae)? Are there timers on the taps that limit consumption? When there is a pool or SPA, is the water reused? All of this influences not only the amount of water consumed, but its quality and the impact it has on the surrounding environment (through the water cycle).



There are more and more lodgings that invest in their own food production, which allows a higher quality offer. Why? Not only there is a higher control over the fertilizers used, as the transportation time between harvesting the food and getting it into the kitchen is reduced. In addition to reducing the ecological footprint caused by transport, it also allows food to retain more of its original nutrients. When they do not have their own production, there are still accommodations that join local producers, and help each other, as the benefits indicated above are still more guaranteed than when purchases are made industrially and in bulk, and still boost the local economy.



Is the accommodation concerned with providing emissions free transportation for guests to use, such as bicycles? Does it have charging stations for the EV’s?



One of the factors with the greatest impact on the hotel industry is the amount of individual packages that are made to “guarantee the safety and hygiene” of each guest. From cosmetics in the bathroom, to butters and individual jams in the dining area, packaged items have a negative impact on the environment, due to the energy used on their production and the accumulation of waste. Thankfully, many accommodations are becoming aware of this, so they produce (or buy regionally) their own cosmetics (handmade soaps and shower gel), their jams, butter, bread and many other fresh products.

Recycling Bin

Waste Management

Does the accommodation have recycling bins available for guests? Does it compost the food remains?

If you are interested in getting your accommodation evaluated by our Eco Rating scale, or would like to make it part of our eco friendly accommodations network, feel free to send us a message, and we will be happy to provide you access to our survey!